Deep-fried Turkey

$10 frying charge

Available in large or small, we can perfectly deep-fry a turkey for your next holiday gathering or family party.

Split Hot Wings

$4.59 per lb

Our delicious split hot wings served with a zesty buffalo sauce.

Stuffed Cabbage


Steamed cabbage stuffed with ground beef, seasoned rice, diced tomatoes, onion, and tomato sauce.

Turkey Dinner for 10-14


18-20 lb turkey, 3 lbs. gravy, 4 lbs. vegetables, 10" pumpkin or apple pie, 3 lbs. stuffing, 4 lbs. sweet or mashed potatoes, 1.5 lbs cranberry sauce, & 2 dozen fresh baked dinner rolls.

Turkey Dinner for 8-10


12-14 lb. frozen turkey, 2 lbs. gravy, 2 lbs. vegetables, 8" pumpkin or apple pie, 2 lbs. stuffing, 3lbs. sweet or mashed potatoes, 1 lb. cranberry sauce, & 1 dozen fresh baked dinner rolls....

Watermelon Salsa

A sweet & crunchy salsa with mild spices. It pairs well with tortilla chips and makes for a delicious variation from traditional mild tomato salsa. 

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